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We welcome your ideas that could help us to improve governance, government, and life for the citizens of Gujarat. Suggestions can include anything - ideas on how the Government of Gujarat can better serve the community, use technology, address public service delivery, etc.

Ideas that show promise will be considered by the Government and will be made available for discussion on this website. Selected contributors may have the opportunity to participate with Government to help implement these ideas.
Submit your new idea or join the discussion on other submissions.

Changing the education system is the need of the hour. Education system is one of the important pillars on which our society is developed. It should be an epitome of the past and at the same time it has to be contemporary.

How long are we just going to stick to the class room teaching? Teaching method calls for a change. Technology should be adopted; visual based teaching method with the help of broadband can be of great help for teachers in villages also .There is an urgent need to add more practicals in the subjects. Foreign languages, Co-Curriculum activities such as sports and music should be introduced in the syllabus. It should be coupled with technology and there has to be a structured education system in the country. Syllabus in villages and cities has to be uniformed. At the same time we have to see that our students learn our state language that is Gujarati. Our education system should recruit good teachers. And Gujarat state should have more number of Engineering, Pharma and Medical colleges.

Idea posted by : Dave Jalpan Posted on : Aug 29, 2009
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Poor people are practically not affording good quality healthcare facility and therefore they turn up to Quacks. A quality healthcare coverage in the form of Universal Health Insurance will help all people to get quality health care facilities. Government and Health Care department should promote Private Health care Facilities with certain quality standards in rural areas, in the from of tax relief, concessions in power, certain exemption in duty, etc. It will help rural population to have access to the highest quality healthcare.

Idea posted by : Mitesh Gajjar Posted on : Aug 25, 2009
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Neat and clean city is what attracts every body's attention. Every one of us would like to have a city that is clean, neat and beautiful.

If every citizen takes this issue a little more seriously, it will help us to have clean and beautiful state. Simple steps like dumping the garbage in the waste bins will keep our roads and footpath clean. Municipal department should make sure that this waste is disposed properly. Every street in the city should have a waste bin. It should ensure that waste bins are kept near all the small stalls, pan shops and ‘laaries'. The owners should be fined if they don't have waste bins. Public places starting from a park to bus stop should be kept clean. Street cleaning should be on daily basis. Municipal department workers should be provided with equipments like hand blowers and sweeping machines which will save their time.

Idea posted by : Rishit Thakore Posted on : Aug 15, 2009
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Agriculture and framing is the heart of the India. Its importance in economic, social and political framework is endless. It's the most important source of income for the farmers. To improve and benefit the farmers of Gujarat we should start contract farming. Contract farming will make markets, credit, and technology available to the farmers. It will be beneficial to the farmers as government agencies are administrating the work. Farmers are owners in this sector, but farming is done by agencies on contract basis. For corp, investment is done by agencies. The facility provided by government is properly utilized. The corp produced is best in quality because of the modern technology used and provide good returns. Thus the concept of contract farming should be implemented and farmers should be educated on the benefits of contract farming.

Idea posted by : Prakash Patani Posted on : Jun 29, 2009
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Youths are the spring of the welcome change, they come with the enthusiasm that is unstoppable, their hard work and commitment allows them to achieve the impossible. They have made their mark in all sectors, in all the work then why should Politics be an exception?

We should form a system by which youth can join politics. Chief Minister should visit the colleges and motivate young leaders to join the politics and serve the country. An online system should be developed, where youths can apply. This will help young people to join the BJP party. “The Youth Power” has power to give the desired future to the country and should be given a chance to be an active member in politics.

Idea posted by : Prakash Patani Posted on : May 29, 2009
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